Is there a difference between CBD oil for humans and animals?

CBD oil is a growing trend and it has become increasingly common to also give CBD oil to dogs and other pets.As with most other trends, the information circulating online can often be both incomplete and contradictory.In this article we will find out everything you need to know if you are wondering if CBD oil can help your dog.

We will first start by clarifying that so far there are only a few studies where CBD oil has been tested on dogs. However, there are a lot of studies on humans and mice, among others, where it has been seen that CBD can both promote general health and help against specific disease symptoms and where there is good reason to believe that the results would also be similar for dogs.

CBD oil can be used for both animals and humans as an alternative treatment when nothing else works, or just as a dietary supplement. For us humans, CBD oil is best for relieving pain and is often used by cancer patients during chemotherapy. Here, the CBD oil is used to relieve the many pains and other side-effects you get from the chemotherapy. In addition, it can also counteract nausea and nutritional problems.

CBD for Dogs

There are many dog owners who believe that their dogs have been helped by CBD oil. There are also veterinarians, such as Dr. Mark Verdino, who spoke positively about the potential of CBD oil to help dogs. He himself uses it to calm his own dog’s anxiety.

If both you and your pet are going to use CBD oil, you should make sure that you each have a bottle and the right variant. CBD oil for animals is developed specifically for different animal species, so if you have a dog, for example, it should have a CBD oil for dogs.

Is CBD oil legal at all?

Yes. However, you could end up on the wrong side of the law if you do not buy weed online from reputed online dispensary Canada. It is the THC compound that gives the euphoric effect that one can get by smoking cannabis.

The reason why CBD oil can be bought and used in Canada is because CBD oil does not contain THC. But there is also illegal THC oil on the market. These types of oils provide an effect reminiscent of smoking the substance. Therefore, it is also unhealthy for pets. Cats, for example, may experience hallucinations and great discomfort if they receive THC in their body.

Therefore, it is important that you buy weed Canada from a seller who has made it clear that there is no illegal THC content in the oil. 


To some people, cannabis oil may sound dangerous to animals, but as mentioned above, there is big difference between the illegal marijuana sold and smoked, and the CBD oil. Just make sure you buy weed online from authorized sources and you can look forward to positive effects offered by cannabis oil.

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