Today, the list of cannabis products in the market is endless. When choosing cannabis products, it is essential to know what the product does and how it works in your body. Since you might not have the luxury of trying all the products, the best thing to do is research more into cannabis products. One of the products that have gained popularity in recent years is cannabis extracts. 

Cannabis extracts describe products believed to contain higher cannabinoid levels than the typical cannabis buds. They contain THC levels as high as 99% compared to the 10-25% found in cannabis flowers. That means the manufacturers have to carefully extract the cannabis concentrates to protect their composition.

When browsing for cannabis extracts in a medical dispensary Somerville, you will realize that they come in different categories, including the full spectrum extracts, broad-spectrum extracts, and cannabis isolates.

Full-spectrum extracts

Full-spectrum extracts refer to the kind of cannabis extracts that maintain the full profile of the cannabis plant. Typically, every cannabis strain has a distinct cannabinoid and terpene profile that produces unique therapeutic benefits. So, by describing a product as a full-spectrum extract, it means that the concentrate has all the therapeutic ingredients found in the raw plant from which it was obtained. 

Quality full-spectrum extracts are available in a medical dispensary. The manufacturers are careful enough to retain the cannabinoids and terpene profile during extraction. Keeping the plant’s complete value within the extract provides a product that is incredibly potent and beneficial hence a better experience.

Broad-spectrum extracts

Broad-spectrum extracts retain a considerable component of the cannabis plant’s phytochemicals in the absence of THC. That means the extract will provide you with the plant’s therapeutic benefits but without the psychoactive effect that you may not find enjoyable. 

Although the entourage effect may not be strong without the THC component, the remaining cannabinoids and terpene profile still create a full-body effect that many consumers prefer. Most broad-spectrum extracts come from hemp, a plant with less than 0.3% THC. So, the notable difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum extracts is that the latter does not contain THC.


Cannabis isolates are the purest form of the cannabis plant. When creating cannabis isolates, the manufacturers separate CBD from the other components of the cannabis plant. Therefore isolates are preferable if you want only CBD without the psychoactive component THC. By searching for a marijuana dispensary near me, you can access good-quality cannabis isolates.

But you must bear in mind that isolates do not provide an entourage effect because there are no other compounds for the extracted cannabinoid to work with. Still, you will experience all the potent effects but not the all-encompassing effect of using full-spectrum cannabis extracts.


As you can see, cannabis extracts are diverse, and each type comes with its own benefits. You don’t have to feel inclined to all of them. To be a safe cannabis user, take your time to decide the effect you are looking for in the cannabis extract and then do a little research before heading to the dispensary.

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