Tips for You to Enjoy Your Kief

Kief’s form when trichomes become dry. Kief forms because of immense potency. It contains around 50% THC, which can reach up to 70%+ on some occasions. Though kief contains high THC, yet is not as potent and powerful as concentrates that you get from real marijuana. The quality of kief depends on the quality of the marijuana plant. If the quality of the marijuana plant is high, then the kief’s quality will be high and vice-versa. If the color of the kief is dark green, then the potency of the kief is less. If the kief’s color is tan or blonde, then the potency of the kief is high.

Get Better Kief

You can buy high-quality kief at the awarded top dispensary . We suggest you use a three-chamber grinder for grinding kief instead of a two-chamber grinder. Using a three-chamber grinder will help you to grind your marijuana even more finely. A three-chamber grinder also ensures that the kief crystals do not go to waste and are collected safely in a compartment using a screen. If you use a two-chamber grinder, the crystals are likely to fall off and get wasted. You can also use two coins and a sifter box for collecting the kief crystals.

Enjoy Your Kief

Kief is easy to get. You can get free kief $99 oz on online dispensaries. Kief can be used for various purposes. Kief can be used to make moonrocks, which is an alternative to concentrates. It can be used to make vape juice by adding some ingredients to it. Kief can be used to make cannabutter. You can also use kief to make press-rosin by heating it to extract the resin. Extracting kief is the first step of making hash. You can add kief to your joint and even add it to your coffee or tea. Enjoy your kief!


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