Treating Erectile Dysfunction With These 9 Popular Methods

Even before the pill was invented, erectile dysfunction was taboo for men to discuss. Treatment choices have grown as well, and this is a good thing. Are any of them worth trying, or are they all simply hype? The number of men with erectile dysfunction (ED) has grown by 250% in the 14 years after Viagra was released in 1998. More men are discovering they are not alone and that they have choices. . With this you can prescribe the medications like Cenforce 100, from our online website on affordable prices.

Viagra, Levitra and Cialis Vidalista 20 aren’t the only options for reviving a relationship’s passion. According to Nebraska Medical Center’s Dr. Michael Feloney, a urologist in Omaha, older ED therapies are being utilised more than ever for men who can’t take the pill. Discover which ED cures live up to the hype and which ones fall flat by reading this article covering nine typical ED therapies.

  • Therapy using Shock Waves: –

Studies have shown that low-energy shock waves assist regenerate cardiac blood arteries, a process known as revascularization, which inspired the concept of employing them to treat erectile dysfunction. Shock wave therapy may positively affect the penis, although it hasn’t been authorized as an ED treatment yet. “According to Bennett, “It’s like Fildena 100 the sort of shock waves used to break up kidney For Ed Medicine .” “However, there are currently no well-controlled trials to suggest this treatment to patients,” he says.”

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy for Males: –

A new crop of commercials for testosterone-enhancing medicines is jostling for airtime, but they focus on desire rather than performance. Bennett points out that “Male hormone is not an authorised therapy for erectile dysfunction” However, it does not boost blood flow to an erection in males with low testosterone levels.”

Although a blood test may detect insufficient testosterone, it is a very uncommon cause of ED. Injections, patches, or gels applied to the skin for hormone treatment may enhance mood and sexual desire, but mechanical problems are unlikely to be resolved. Men with prostate cancer should not use testosterone medications. Acne, breast and prostate enlargement, and fluid retention are possible side effects.

  • Surgical Implants: –

Two kinds of surgical implants may be an option if conventional erectile dysfunction therapies aren’t working for you because of neurological disease or spinal cord damage. It’s possible to utilise an implanted pump to force fluid into cylinders located within the penis, according to Felony. 

Alternatively, a flexible prosthesis may be used to guide the penis into the proper position for sexual activity, similar to a gooseneck light. Infection and mechanical failure are also possible side effects of these ED therapies.

  • Muse: –

The FDA has authorised a dissolvable pellet that may be put directly into the urethra, the entrance of the penis, for men who are reluctant or unable to self-inject alprostadil,” explains Dr. Feloney. An erection may be triggered in approximately 10 minutes, and it can persist for up to an hour using MUSE, which stands for a medical urethral system for erection. The adverse effects of MUSE, when used to treat ED, include a burning feeling, redness and mild bleeding.

  • Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis: –

Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis are the first-line ED treatments for many 30 million men in the United States who have erectile dysfunction. They are effective for roughly 80% of men.

Drugs that increase blood flow to an erection, known as phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, have been licenced by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Symptoms like a stuffy nose and headache are not uncommon. Nitro-glycerine medications for heart disease will prevent you from using ED medication since they may create dangerously low blood pressure levels.

  • Supplements with herbs: –

Some men have been enticed to try herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction, such as ginkgo Biloba, saw palmetto, and Yohimbe, because of their claims to be sexual enhancers. The FDA has not authorised any of these products, nor has any rigorous study showing that they may prevent, cure or improve erectile dysfunction. On the other hand, supplements aren’t regulated and might have a wide range of negative effects or interact with prescription drugs. They take an erectile dysfunction supplement without first seeing your physician might put your health at riskSex Therapy: –

“Drugs that increase blood flow to the penis can’t assist when the fight-or-flight reaction is inhibiting an erection, according to Feloney. A man didn’t need an erection while a dinosaur was following him, thus this form of erectile dysfunction is most likely the result of evolution.”

Combining medication with sexual health counselling may be the most effective strategy to address erectile dysfunction caused by performance anxiety, depression, lack of intimacy in relationships, or stress.

  • Vacuum Pump: –

Can’t or don’t want to use ED medication? According to Dr Bennett, it is the second most popular approach for men with erectile dysfunction after medications. An erection may be induced by pumping air out of a plastic cylinder over the penis and forcing blood flow into the penis.

The erection is held in place by an elastic ring that you put onto the base of your penis. About 75% of men may benefit from this ED therapy gadget. The ring must be removed after 30 minutes because of side effects such as numbness, bruising, and poor ejaculation.

  • Anaesthesia for Injection into the Penis: –

Alprostadil, this erectile dysfunction medication, was authorised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is administered intravenously (in the penis). According to urologist Nelson Bennett, MD, “Penile injection is the most successful method of ED therapy for men who can’t take oral medicine,” the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Mass. It has a success rate of 85%. There may be a burning feeling and priapism, a prolonged erection requiring medical attention.

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