This flip side of the bongs will make you high

Using a bong is the best method to consume weed. Bongs provide a great combination of euphoria and safety. It is perhaps the safest way to consume weed. The smoke is filtered through the water present in the bong. The dry heat from blunt or joint smoke can be extremely harmful to some people. It is also detrimental to regular consumers. Bongs are the cooler and smoother alternative for joint and blunt. These bongs can be of any size and shape. Today these bongs come in various shapes and sizes. Bongs also add to the beauty of your place. 

Reverse bongs and how they work

The reverse gravity bongs are usually homemade and are primarily used to smoke weed. It is a type of bong slightly distinct from its family members. These bongs are also called waterfall, flip gravity, or bucket bong. A flip gravity bong has a container that can drain in the bottom and is refilled at the top. You will have to fill it with water first. A smoking bowl is placed atop this water, and the lid of this container is opened. Inside it, the cannabis is lit. The smoker uses this bong only after the container is drained out of water. The smoke is then inhaled. 

There can be any container used to make a reverse gravity bong. Any container that can be used to hold water can be used in a reverse gravity bong. However, there are many flip bongs available in the market. 

Things that flip bongs unique

Smoking cannabis in these bongs is easy and comparatively safer. These bogs do not put extra pressure on your lungs as the smoke enters your lungs after getting filtered through water. There are two bottles used in some flip gravity bongs. One small bottle holds the cannabis, and it gets filled with smoke after going through the larger bottle. One can always buy a flip bong from online stores. These bongs come in very fancy designs and add to the aesthetic of your room. People consume these bongs at parties and get-togethers.

Final words

It would help if you went for a safer option when it comes to smoking weed. Bongs act as a safer option. There are other substances as well that people consume using a bong. One such variety of bongs, flip bongs, is an exciting device that one can use to smoke. These bongs add a refined touch to your smoking experience.