Things Not to Do while Losing Weight

Losing weight is a long process and involves doing a lot of things correctly. A mistake in any step throughout the process would hinder your weight losing process. This wrong steps impact the most in certain difficult sections of weight loss like trying to lose belly fat. These wrong steps in the process of weight loss might also have certain long term health issues. It is extremely important that you know the effects of the things you do to bring about a change in your body in order to ensure that your body gets healthier over time and not the other way round.

What should you not do while losing weight?

  • Eating too less – One of the most common things that people do when they want to lose weight is to eat as less as possible. Doing this does not let the person take in the necessary amount of macronutrients and micronutrients for maintaining good health. You might lose weight if you do this but it would definitely deteriorate your health condition. Some even choose to cut of carbohydrates completely. This eliminates vegetables from your diet which are some of the best sources of nutrients. And there are some who cut off fats from their diet. You should never do this because all the kinds of nutrients are important for your body and taking them in correct proportions is the key to get the maximum benefits from them.
  • Cheat days – Another related mistake that people do while losing weight is dealing with cheat days. Some choose not to have any cheat day. What this does is that it increases the person’s craving a lot and when the person is exposed to something he or she should not indulge too much, there is not a lot of control on the quantity. So having a cheat day at regular intervals is quite important in the process of weight loss. Another mistake that people do on cheat days is that they have too much of cheat meals. This cancels out all the effort that they had put in the previous days. So a check on the amount of cheat meal is also important.
  • Exercising improperly – When people try to lose weight, they start exercising a lot. Very often the exercise is much more than what the body can take. This leads to various kinds of injuries. Another practice related to exercising is that people do not take the appropriate amount of carbohydrates required for exercising properly. This leads to losing muscle mass during exercise. Another wrong step that people do is to do the wrong kind of exercise for their body type. You should always take care about the combination of cardio exercises and strength training.
  • Lack of sleep – In the modern day with the busy schedule and work pressure, most people have unhealthy sleep cycles. This impacts the hormonal activities which take place at night. For instance, the growth hormone released at night is important for the repair of your body. All the damage that the body undergoes through exercising is taken care of at night. Improper sleep patterns impact the health of the person and indirectly the process of weight loss.
  • Getting demotivated – Most often people expect changes which are too drastic for a short period of time. It is not always likely that you would notice changes within a very short time even with a proper diet and exercising. When people do not notice any visible changes, they lose hope and stop the process they were following. This should never be done just for the reason that gaining weight happens over a period of time and so is the case with losing weight.



Taking the right steps would help you to not only lose weight but also get healthier. Going overboard with any restrictions or practice would most often not be helpful for your body and cause harm instead.

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