Myths about vaping e-cigarette

There are many alternatives to smoking. And vaping is considered the best method. Let us check some myth and facts about using electronic cigarettes to help you conclude if vaping is beneficial over smoking. 

E-cig leads to the habit of smoking

Traditional smokers start to vape to quit the habit of smoking. The count of people using vape devices turning to smoke are far lesser than the smoker opting for vaping as an alternative. Evidence shows that many people considered e-cigarette and never went back to smoking cigarettes.

Vaping is as dangerous as smoking a cigarette

Traditional smoking is carcinogenic. Vaping is less harmful compared to smoking. The process of vaping does not involve any combustion. During vaping, tar and carbon monoxide is also not produced. The smoke produced in an e-cigarette is the vapour produced by water. Hence, it does not have any odour or negative effect on the user, unlike smoking cigarette.

And in traditional smoking tar and CO is produced in excess, which is the major cause of cancer in human beings.  Thee breathe from thee smoker also unpleasant due to these chemicals produced from a cigarette. Additionally, the bystander who is subjected to second-hand vapour is on the safer side than the traditional smoker. Vaping helps you to stay away from the dangers of cigarette smoking.

Vaping devices tend to explode and catch fire 

Like other electronic devices, vaping devices also might explore and catch fire. But this is a rare occasion. The vape user needs to ensure that you purchase the vape products from the authorised providers. And the devices used responsibly and used according to the manufacturer’s instruction. The explosion of the devices is due to user errors in most situations. Ensure that the batteries of the vape devices are safely carried when on travel and never tinker with the batteries. Use the right accessories, including the batteries and vape charger to avoid the mishaps of bursting or catching fire. For the best quality vape devices, check the Geek Bar website for online purchase.

The E-cigarette does not contain nicotine

The nicotine concentration in e-cigarette varies and can be regulated by the users. First-time vape users – may choose to vape with minimal to no nicotine to get started with. But if you are switching from traditional smoking to vaping, you may opt for devices with larger nicotine content for better adjustment.  And gradually reduce the nicotine level when you get used to it. 

Vaping is expensive

Tobacco products are taxed in many countries, and so the habit of smoking is quite a costly affair. Electronic vaping devices, on the other hand, are far more affordable than smoking. With the initial investment cost, you get the vape devices such as vape mods and vape pens. But these devices last longer than the packet of cigarette. You need to re-fill the vape device with the e-liquid and charge the batteries to use the device anywhere. Heavy cigarette smokers benefit from the cost of buying multiple packets of smokes each day.

There are disposable vape devices such as vape pens that you can buy in smaller quality to start using and dispose of it when the e-juice is used fully. Heavy cigarette smokers benefit from the cost of multiple packets of smokes each day. Check the Geek Bar Vape for more affordable vape devices.

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