Did You Know About These Different Types Of Cannabis Seeds?

Cannabis seeds are an integral part of the weed industry. With the increase in the demand for Cannabis, the growers are also increasing. Therefore many people have come forward with online to satisfy the recreational and medicinal cannabis consumption needs of the people.

As a cultivator you need to know about the wide variety of strains available in the market.

There are mainly three types of Cannabis Seeds:

  • Regular:This type generally contains both male and female parts of the plants. This kind requires more amount of light to begin flowering.
  • Auto flower:As soon as the seed reaches its maturity, these seeds will start flowering.
  • Feminized:Seeds that only produce the flowering part of the cannabis plant, that is, the female part.

Aside from this, seeds differ genetically. It can be bred into different strains that can produce a variety of effects. That is where the original value of Cannabis seeds lies. Different Cannabis seeds include Indica seeds, Sativa seeds, Hybrid seeds, High THC seeds, Low THC seeds, High CBD seeds, etc.

Everyone who consumes Cannabis knows that the strain matters the most. This goes beyond Sativa vs. Indica. Strains are bred to produce a variety of effects and serve different purposes.

For example:

  • Cannabis Oil can be created by using High-CBD hemp seeds.
  • Strains can be bred for many different kinds of medical purposes.
  • Plants are genetically altered to give shorter yet better yields.
  • Specific types of hemp create a more robust and lasting fiber.

Not only is the ability to create products with distinct terpene flavor profiles a great way to appeal to consumers, but the right genetics can produce vastly different effects with medical and economic advantages.

From there, we get a variety of strains which are, Blueberry strain, Bruce Banner strain, Girl Scout strain, Green crack strain, Haze strain, etc.

You can search online and find all the Best Cannabis Seed Banks from where you can buy any variety of cannabis seeds. Not only does it provide you with a different variety of strains, but it also provides you with different cultivation-type seeds.

Whether it be indoors, outdoors, heavy yield seeds, short flowering seeds, or dwarf seeds, the best Cannabis Seed Banks provide you with all the strains mentioned above and additionally Kush, Sour, and Skunk strains. All the seeds provided here are of high quality. They provide you with every minute details about the seeds. It is the best place for you to buy seeds online. They deliver to selected States in the US, which you can find on their websites. Check out a reliable site like i49 which has the widest assortment of premium quality weed seeds. The superior quality seeds from our seed bank helps to augment your yields and meet your production expectations. Visit our site and buy online today itself!

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