Bed Bugs: Invaders of the Bed

The term ‘bug’ refers to an insect and bed bugs are the insects that reside in the beds. They take shelter in the bed and make it their home. The problem of bed bugs is very common in every household. Usually, bed bugs infest the beds that are damp or dirty. Excessive travelling enhances the risk of getting bed bugs as they come along with the luggage.

Problems caused by Bed Bugs

Allergic reactions: Bed bugs bites may cause allergies to individuals. The nature and intensity of these allergies vary in different individuals. Some may have skin problems, rashes, blisters etc.

Itching:  When bed bug bites, it causes itching. When a person has itching problems after getting out of the bed, it is an indication of presence of bed bugs.

Sleeplessness: A person is not able to sleep peacefully due to bed bugs. He gets frightened of bedbugs and is unable to rest comfortably and sleep.

Bed Bug Prevention and Control

It is very important to control the infestation of bed bugs. The following ways are helpful in bed bug removal and control:

The bed sheets, blankets, curtains and pillow covers should be washed properly with warm water. Then they should be dried in the sun so that all the bed bugs vanish.

The mattresses should be cleaned thoroughly. Vacuum cleaners should be used to dig out the hidden bed bugs. A stiff brush can also be used to clean the mattresses.

The blankets and the mattresses should be kept in zipper covers so that the bed bugs are unable to enter and infest.

Take precautions and care while travelling to avoid being the bed bug carrier. One should keep the luggage away from the beds in the hotels and check the luggage properly. 


The bed bugs multiply very quickly so it is of paramount importance to get rid of bed bugs to ensure a peaceful sleep. 

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