A Compact Guide to Healthcare Faculty Registry

If you are looking for a place, where you can find trusted medical professionals, then HFR is where you should look at. It is an up-to-date, complete repository of health facilities all across India.

The HFR lists private and public health facilities. It can uniquely identify each healthcare facility with its location, name as well as information about the service capacity.

Let’s learn a bit more about HFR.

Introducing the HFR

HFR is a registry of traditional and new-age medical facilities. Diagnostic centres, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical services are included in HFR. Medical facilities can register themselves on this national platform. Any individual looking for medical care can find it in minutes. This will also build trust among people.

There are various reasons why we need HFR. A few of them are listed below-

1- Both private and public facilities are covered in HFR.

2- It works across all the systems of medicine

3- The facility manager updates the data regularly

4- A health facility verifier checks the data

5- For online transition, there are digital solutions

What are the benefits of HFR?

1- This allows the health facility to operate its business successfully.

2- You can have a trustable identity in the medical field.

3- The agencies can target programs

4- The goal of Universal Health Coverage can be achieved through this program.

5- We can be prepared for pandemics and emergencies.

How to register for HFR? 

1- The first thing you need to do as a facility manager is to visit this page https://facility.abdm.gov.in/

2- Then sign up for the Healthcare professional ID. You can do this by clicking “To Sign-up as a Facility Manager.”

3- This ID will allow the professional to connect to India’s digital health Ecosystem.

4- You can generate an ID using your driving license or AADHAR card.

5- Enter your AADHAR card number to register. And enter the CAPTCHA.

6- Next, you must enter the mobile number linked to your AADHAR.

7- This will generate an OTP that you will get on your registered phone number.

8- Then you can put in your general information. And create an ID and password for your profile.

9- After you are done filling up the details, you can click on submit.

10- Your Healthcare Professional ID will be generated.

11- Ensure to note the Healthcare Professional ID number for future reference.

12- Your healthcare professional ID is now complete.

HFR – A Stamp of Credibility

HFR is beneficial for both healthcare facilities and people searching for these facilities. It is a quick way to find help when you need it. And it is also beneficial for medical professionals because they will be able to register themselves and carry on their medical practice with ease.