His life was heel to this 9-year-old child: Almost 60 percent of his skin was destroyed, but doctors in a stunning way made him a new one

The doctors of a child living in Germany and suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, a life-threatening illness, said that with experimental genetic therapy they managed to make a completely new skin.
9-year-old Hasan, a native of Syria, was housed in a hospital in Germany two years ago with a rare, incurable skin disease caused by a mutation in the genes.
Because of this disease, the skin is very sensitive to the touch, like the butterfly’s wings, and is almost all the time full of blisters and open wounds, says the Washington Post.
For his case, doctors from Italy were engaged, who took a sample of the child’s skin and in the laboratory added his cells to the correct version of the bad gene. Then they transplanted such a genetic modification of the skin.
After a series of operations that saved his life, the child received a new, genetically modified skin, which covers 80 percent of his body, the BBC reported.
Now, two years later, his skin looks quite normal. Doctors say that the boy’s situation has progressed so much that he no longer needs medication.
Hassan’s father said that the child “now feels like a normal person,” that he plays, that he is active and enjoys life.
A few days after birth, Hasan had blisters and wounds throughout his body, and most of his skin looked like an open wound.
Because there is no cure for epidermolysis bullosa, and 40 percent of the sick do not experience adolescence, doctors have prepared Hassan’s parents for the worst.
One of the doctors in the German hospital said that doctors first decided to palliative care because “they had no chance of saving the child’s life”.
A team of biologists specializing in genetic therapy was then delivered from the Italian universities in Modena and Reggio Emilia, and Hassan’s parents give them a green light to try experimental therapy.