Hyaluronic Acid: The Anti-Aging Secret Weapon in Your Skincare

Hyaluronic acid is a star when it comes to anti-aging skin care, for good reason. This multi-tasking, mega-hydrator provides a multitude of skin benefits – both short and long-term. As a result, it is a popular ingredient in some of the highest quality skin care products on the market, including serums, eye and face creams, and body moisturizers.
One of the biggest concerns when it comes to aging skin is hydration. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. The dreaded sagging begins to occur, often around the eyes at first, but then all over the face.
Is there anything that can be done? Is there a way to replace the lost hydration and help rejuvenate skin’s own natural elasticity?
Yes. And that’s where hyaluronic acid comes into play.

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits

1. Hydrates Dry, Aged Skin

Numerous people report that their skin feels “dewier,” the bags under their eyes become lighter and their skin texture is smoother after using serums containing hyaluronic acid. The primary method which HA assists enhance appearance of “chronoaged skin” (skin aged due to sun exposure) is by reducing water loss. In reality, one reason that hormone replacement treatments in some cases trigger the skin to look more youthful and less sun-damaged is due to the fact that they increase the skin’s HA concentration.
Dryness, dandruff, sagging eyes or lips, and sagginess are connected with aging skin because as we get older particles in our skin lose some of their capability to bind and keep water. This not only triggers dryness, however likewise decreases skin’s volume. Skin aging is triggered by both intrinsic and extrinsic aging, implying day-to-day environmental exposure to pollutants and UV light, in addition to the “the regular procedure of aging.” Studies show there are several sites in the skin associated with the control of HA synthesis, deposition, cell and protein association and degradation.
Scientists have discovered that stratum corneum dryness caused from extended sun exposure plays a crucial role in wrinkle development. It’s now been revealed that wrinkles and fine lines are generally also more visible in low humidity compared with high humidity environments due to the fact that they further minimize the water-holding capacity and flexibility of the skin. HA can assist naturally reduce indications of aging by decreasing “skin water loss” connected with sun exposure, skin dryness or flakiness.

2. Helps Reduce Wrinkles

Although the majority of research shows that HA may take 6 weeks or more to enhance skin’s appearance, some studies have actually discovered that anti-wrinkle HA serums and eye creams can sometimes begin to work within just two to 4 weeks of use. For more significant anti-aging results, dermatologists now utilize prescription injections or solutions including hyaluronic acids (consisting of Juvéderm Ultra Plus or Allergan) during several months to reduce lip and eye sagginess.
Arise from a 2014 double-blind, randomized medical trial that appeared in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology revealed that products consisting of hyaluronic acid effectively reduced the appearance of wrinkles and reduced skin sagging within 1 Month of consistent usage. Some study participants likewise reported experiencing fuller lips and increased cheek volume by the end of one month (2 characteristics connected with having a youthful look). The trial was brought out on 40 adult women who showed moderate to moderate scientific indications of skin aging prior to the study, including reduced skin volume and alterations in the skin’s surface area. After either applying a product called Fillerina (which consists of 6 kinds of hyaluronic acid) or a placebo item, results were measured after three hours and after that seven, 14 and 1 Month later.
Researchers discovered that after Thirty Days (and some starting after 2 Week), those utilizing Fillerina showed considerable “improvements in facial shapes and volumes” compared with the placebo group, and to the baseline measurements. The active treatment group experienced reductions in drooping of both the face and the cheekbones contours, enhanced lip volume, and reduced wrinkle depth and volume, while the placebo group saw no such improvements.

3. Treats Sores, Sunburns and Wounds

Aside from reducing the appearance of wrinkles and dryness, HA is beneficial for treating fever blisters and mouth sores, ulcers, injuries, bites and burns due to how it keeps damaged tissue moist. It also supplies sunburn relief. Many cold aching treatments for the lips and mouth consist of hyaluronic acid gel to speed up the healing process and avoid splitting or bleeding.
HA belongs to the structural element of the mouth and the lips, which are made up of connective tissues made partially from collagen and water. Collagen and HA help offer lips their structure and shape. Since HA binds to water, it hydrates the skin and tissues within the mouth/lips and keeps skin junctions tight, assists bring nutrients to broken tissues, controls swelling and assists fluids carry out waste.

4. Lubricates Achy Joints

Hyaluronic acid is discovered in all bones, linking tissue, joints, tendons and cartilage structures throughout the body– especially a type called hyaline cartilage, which covers the ends of bones and offers cushioning. Due to the fact that it assists buffer bones and supplies resistance to wear and tear, HA is helpful for lowering discomforts and inflammation connected with degenerative joint illness.
It’s likewise discovered in another vital part of our joints called the synovial membrane, which forms a covering over two articulating bones and produces synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is a “viscous fluid” that assists joints take in shock, remain elastic and bring nutrients to cartilage.
Hyaluronic acid is now a popular compound used in supplements for dealing with osteoarthritis pain and injuries. It’s also been authorized by the FDA for treatment of osteoarthritis when administered in reasonably high dosages through injections provided by a health care provider. Some research shows that lower doses can likewise work for minimizing joint tightness and chronic discomfort, although results seem to differ. The kinds of joint discomforts most commonly treated with HA consist of those of the elbows and knees.

5. Helps Reduce Dry Eyes and Eye Discomfort

The fluid inside the eye socket (called the vitreous humor) is made up almost totally of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid eye drops (such as the brand Hyalistil) can help alleviate persistent dry eyes by renewing moisture within the eye socket, aiding with tear production and bring back fluid balance. Some research studies have likewise discovered that hyaluronic acid assists suppress oxidative damage brought on by UVB light within the cornea.
Physicians frequently utilize lubing HA formulas to deal with eye injuries and conditions, including cataracts, specifically at the time before or after surgical treatment when the eyes are most delicate and dry. HA drops can be beneficial during eye surgery or recoveries, including after cataract removal, corneal transplant or repair work of a removed retina.
Hyaluronic acid acts as a moisture magnet for our skin. Studies show it delivers impressive amounts of moisture deep into the dermis, helping to diminish signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and even dark spots.
Science supports the use of hyaluronic acid in many different ways, so there’s no need to hesitate the next time you see it listed on an ingredients label. Finding different ways to add it to your daily life is even easier, with anti-aging creams, lotions, pill supplements, and more.
All skin needs moisture and balance. As we age, our skin loses its water content as well as its ability to retain moisture. This can result in dryness and, in some cases, sagginess. Studies suggest that hyaluronic acid, with its star status as a powerful humectant, may help to plump skin up, giving a more youthful, dewy appearance while also fighting against the formation of new wrinkles.