Mini guide how to avoid a hangover: “magic” foods that should be consumed before nights out

Nutritionist Naomi Mead reveals how to prepare and nourish if we want to relax with a few glasses of wine during the evening.
If you follow any of the following tips, we guarantee that you will forget what the word “hangover” means.
Consume green tea during the day
Green tea is great for the liver, and with its consumption you will prepare your body for alcohol.
Large glass of water before going out
We know that this advice may sound banal, but if you dehydrated during the day, you might even get drunk from a glass of wine. So before heading to the club, drain half a lemon in a large glass of water and fun can start.
Eat something before drinking
Provide yourself with a meal at least an hour before drinking alcohol to prevent the occurrence of a hangover the next day. Make sure the meal is abundant with healthy fats that will slow down the functioning of the alcohol.
Consume ingredients that are good for the liver
Add turmeric, cinnamon, broccoli, avocado or lemon to your meal and your liver will be grateful.
Tip Plus: If you do not want to feel bloated, avoid mixing alcohol and carbonated drinks. Carefully select the drinks and most important of all – do not mix more alcohols.