Incredible transformation: Spouses lost 180 pounds in 18 months

Lexi Reed of Indiana had 220 pounds, and her husband Denny – 127 pounds in 2016. They together decided to lose weight, which they succeeded in just 18 months, and their transformation is incredible.

“We did not have a diet plan, a personal trainer or we did operations, but we supported each other and motivated us to work hard every day. We wanted to become parents in the future and live a long time, “Lexie wrote on her Instagram, under a photo that both of them are unrecognizable.


The couple married in 2015, and daily consumed 8,000 calories. After stopping with the introduction of fast food and beginning to cook and visit the gym 5-6 a week, they lost half of their weight for 12 months.

Lexi managed to lose weight of 136 kg, and during that period she received 500,000 followers of Instagram, who were thrilled by her hard work and determination.


“You do not have to live this way until the end of life – I told myself and started,” she recalled.

Reed pointed out that the husband had behaved in the same way as before.

“He never looked me through my size, nuths demanded that I change. He made me feel beautiful anyway. Love has no limits on weight or apparel number. Surround yourself with people who will constantly motivate you and see what is in you that you do not notice, “Lexie said.