It prevents the deposition of dust, hydrates the hair and the skin, returns the glare: Here’s what all the miracle-working glycerin is used for

The use of glycerin is wide and can help you in many situations, and at the same time save you time and money.

Glycerin is a great tool against dust – everything you need to do is to polish the mirrors and varnished wooden furniture in your home and the dust will not accrue on them.

It is also excellent for hair care, and you can simply use it by adding a few drops of glycerin in the shampoo while washing the hair. This will make your hair hydrated, soft and shiny. Glycerin can also be added to the hair masks, which will wet and soften the cuticles.


Remove stains from clothing using glycerin – apply a few drops of glycerin to the stains, and then wash your clothes in salt water. You can also remove stains from tea or coffee by using a mixture of table salt and glycerin.

Glycerin is a great way to solve dry or problematic parts of your hands – apply it in a thin layer before you sleep, or make a handset with a few drops of glycerin and hot water.

Maintain your laminates and parquet with glycerin by wiping them with water and glycerin, after which the floors will shine.

Glycerin long protects the moisture and absorbs it quickly, and if applied to the skin on the face, it creates an invisible layer that draws the microscopic molecules of water from the air and thus hydrates the skin.

Glycerin is the primary care for all those who live in places with high humidity. Avoid using this product if the humidity is low because it will require water in the deeper layers of the skin and thus dehydrate it.