Important things to know if you are dyeing your hair!

The dyed hair requires extra care in contrast to the non-dyed. Chemicals that contain hair colors can damage the structure of the hair itself and make the hair look dry and lifeless.
In the following, see what are the most common mistakes you make after dyeing and that damage your hair.
Washing your hair one day after dyeing
This is one of the most common mistakes made by girls with dyed hair. After dyeing the hair, wait at least 72 hours before washing. Namely, it takes 3 days for the cuticles to be completely closed, and thus the durability of the color will be prolonged.
Often washing your hair
Experts claim that the biggest enemy of hair color is water. You should avoid washing it daily, and if your hair is rapidly greasy, use dry-wash shampoos. In addition, avoid dipping your hair under water, as this causes a drop in color.
Washing with too hot water
When washing your hair use lukewarm or better, if you can, cold water. Hot water draws the upper layers of the hairs, and this is one of the main reasons why your color fades. The warmer the water, the faster the color fades.
Wrong hair regenerator
If you want to preserve your color, use a hair regenerator that has a specific formula. It creates a protective layer and prevents the decline of color.
Too-rubbing with a cloth
The color may fade, and the tips will look dry if you rub it over with a towel. Instead, gently press the hair in order to soak the water and then allow it to dry out in the air itself.
Excessive use of hair iron, hair dryer or figaro
Dyed hair is sensitive to heat, so if you want to keep it healthy and shiny, it’s best to reduce the use of different styling devices. Also, when using them, be sure to apply a hair care remedy.
Uneven re-dyeing
When it’s time to re-dyed the part that grew up at the roots, it’s often time to fill your hair quickly and unevenly.
If you want to smooth it evenly, it is necessary to apply the color of the root of the hair first, and after standing, tilt over the bathtub and add some warm aQzg9LGwater with circular movements, just like washing it with a shampoo. With your hands spread over the entire length to the tops. The whole procedure should take about 2 minutes.