A cup of cold water after a meal – why does this habit harm the body?

Many drink cold water immediately after a meal and thus impair their health.


Experts advise after a meal to skip consumption of a cup of cold water as this can create an unpleasant feeling and pain in the stomach.

Drinking a cup of cold water can affect digestion because the temperature of the cold liquids changes the temperature of the food ingested, making it hardly digestible. Long digestion can lead to an increase in the level of gastric acid in the stomach and the formation of gastric reflux.

Water can disturb the level of acid in the stomach and make us tired and sleepy after a meal. If you have sensitive teeth or pathogens from migraine, cold water can be a cause of headache, writes “Steptohealth”.

Our body is “programmed” to digest food that has the same temperature as the body, so cold or hot meals require extra effort for digestion.

Although cold water after a meal is bad, experts say that we need a certain amount of water in order for our body to function properly. Some advise you to consume water before a meal, which will give you the feeling of satiety and lower intake of food in the body.

Water stimulates the work of the kidneys and contributes to hydration of the body. In order to avoid possible health problems, consume water that is at room temperature.