The best of nature: Herbal teas that soothe the nerves

Nowadays, each of us is exposed to stress and more and more people have problems with nervousness. But instead of drinking drugs, we can help ourselves in a natural way.

Anise, mother’s milk, chamomile, lime and lavender are herbs that are considered the best fighters against anxiety, fear and nervousness, but they also relieve stress, regulate irregular heartbeat and reduce headache and insomnia.



This herb with intense and characteristic smell can be a great tranquillizer. Anise calms the nerves and helps against nervousness, irritability, hysteria and insomnia. Except that it calms the nerves, soothes bloating, and can also be used in painful periods.


The medicinal ingredients of this herb are in the leaf and in the flower, and its essential oils relax the muscles. It works very favorably on the nervous system, relaxes, reduces mental tension and nervousness, and provides a good sleep. In order to preserve its ingredients, always fold the tea and let stand for about half an hour before you drink it.


This medicinal herb relaxes the whole body. The chamomile relaxes and calms the tissues and muscles, and strong doses help with insomnia. Camomile is a common ingredient in blends when it comes to herbal remedies.


The herb with a pleasant smell has been used since before for the treatment of insomnia and for the treatment of nerves. In addition to relaxing muscles, it calms nervousness and anxiety, lavender tea also works well in case of sleep problems. Tea is prepared very simply, and it works quickly. Pour two teaspoons of dry lavender flowers with boiled water and allow to stand for 10 minutes. Stir, sweeten with honey and consume two cups a day.


The lime acts positively on the psyche. The essential properties of this herb are the most essential essential oils that relax muscles, strengthen the heart muscle and act as an antibiotic. It can be used alone or in combination with other herbs.

Lime tea also helps with headache caused by nervousness.

St. John’s wort

St. John’s wort is the most famous natural remedy against depression. This herb has been used for centuries as a remedy against depression, anxiety, and nerve problems. It contains essential oils, and unlike synthetic drugs, it does not create addiction, nor does it have harmful side effects.


Valerian for centuries is used to relieve nerve disorders. As a soothing agent it is used alone or in combination with other herbs, like tea. And this herbal mixture is very effective, in the form of tea or tincture.