Top cardiologist suffered a heart attack at age 52: I had no symptoms, that morning I felt good

Dr. John Warner is president of the American Association of Cardiologists.

On top of his career, John Warner, president of the American Association of Cardiologists, delivered a speech at a medical conference in California.

“When my son was born and when we introduced him with the wider family, I realized something a little disturbing: there are no elderly members of my family or my wife’s side. All of them are deceased of cardiovascular diseases.”

Less than 24 hours after the speech was delivered on November 13, Dr. Warner, a cardiologist, had a heart attack himself, ABC News reported.

“I never thought I’d have a heart attack at 52,” Warner said.

He trained at college to run, exercise regularly, keep an eye on eating, and there are no risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.

“That morning I was feeling good.” Many people who suffered a heart attack had no symptoms, “the cardiologist said.

According to available data in the United States, out of the hospital, only 10 per cent of people experiencing infarct survive, and resuscitation can double the chances of survival.

In the words of his wife, they knew that he needed immediate help. The heart attack occurred in a hotel room, and the wife, son and daughter were present.

“He did not breathe, and he was getting brighter,” says his wife. She and the son went out of the room to seek help, and Lauren stayed with her father, and began to apply everything she knew about resuscitation. Luckily, there were many doctors in the hotel, so one cardiologist started to help and continued to resuscitate Warner, and served with the hotel defibrillator. In his words, if it was not one thing, there would have been no survival.

“If they did not apply cardiopulmonary resuscitation to me, today I would not be alive”, says dr. Warner.