Sleep is important for the children, if there are more awake will have problems with math and reading

Children who do not sleep well and stay awake in the night, have poorer results at school. Experts say that parents need to accurately determine what time their children go to bed, because otherwise they are likely to have problems with math and reading.

In the survey were observed seven and three year olds, have habits and what time they go in bed. Those who go to bed each day at different times showed worse results than those who go to bed every night at the same time and sleep enough hours.

It determined that three year olds who go to bed every night at different times of the night have trouble controlling emotions and are more likely to be thicker in later life. They could also have psychological problems and feel tired.

“When you fly through time zones, it’s hard to function when you get to the destination, and it’s the same with children when changing their sleeping habits.” “They will torture more than adults.” Sleep is important for creating and storing memories, for everyday learning and is essential for children, “said Dr. Yvonne Kelly of University College London.