The Rising Trend of Cannabis Infused Cocktails

Cannabis infused cocktails could be coming to a bar or restaurant near you sooner than you think. When people talk about cannabis infused cocktails they get the impression that people are going to be stoned drunk. You may get stoned drunk but it won’t be from Cannabis. Less is more when it comes to making cannabis cocktails. Bartenders and specialists who mix cannabis in with alcoholic beverages agree that too much THC may not be a good thing.

When some people are looking to relax too much THC can cause issues such as anxiety and paranoia. Instead of having the calming soothing affect they’re looking for they end up in a state of panic. Cannabis infused alcohol can be everything from a cocktail such as a martini or margarita. It doesn’t stop there either, cannabis can be infused into your favorite whiskeys and wine. Do we really know the effects of how cannabis and alcohol work together?

Not exactly but considering most people who smoke a joint like to have a beer or glass of wine the two probably go hand-in-hand with one another. Many people report consuming cannabis while their drinking alcohol to help them from getting sick and having a hangover. With cannabis infused cocktails having and not having THC in them in many instances this means you can see cannabis infused beverages sooner than you might think.

ccording to Warren Bobrow, mixologist and author of Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails and Tonics, cannabis and cocktails are a natural fit—and not just because of their, ahem, mood-altering properties. “Back in the day, before refrigeration, delicate herbs and spices were preserved [by creating] basic tinctures. Cannabis can be extracted using these same methods and dispensed into craft cocktails,” he says.

And if you enjoy sipping on classics made with bitters (whiskey standbys like Old Fashioneds, Sazeracs, and Manhattans all feature the ingredient), the likelihood that you’ll dig the taste of cannabis concentrates is high. Think flavors like pine and lemon as well as herbaceous thyme and oregano.

Mr. Nice Guy

Danny Kuehner, bar supervisor at Madison on Park in San Diego, just recently put his first cannabis mixed drink on the menu. The Mr. Nice Person fuses mezcal, CBD oil (made with a coconut oil base), matcha, pineapple, coconut milk, and lime. Kuehner states CBD oil is a fantastic cocktail ingredient due to the fact that it has low to no psychedelic effects and a distinct, earthy flavor profile.

Cinnamon Kissed Cherry

San Francisco’s Flore serves a full CBD-based happy hour – and owners Aaron Silverman and Terrence Alan have sights on turning the cafe into a marijuana hotspot when California’s full legalization hits in January 2018. The menu (which you can purchase from starting at 4:20, natch) has four mocktails and 11 alcoholic cocktails, consisting of the Cinnamon Kissed Cherry: cinnamon-infused whiskey, Cherry Heering, cherry bitters, pineapple juice, lemon juice, Angostura bitters, and OG Kush CBD oil.

Sour T-iesel

One of Los Angeles’ most popular plant-based dining establishments, Gracias Madre, has actually begun using CBD in its cocktails. The Sour T-iesel is combined with tequila blanco, lime, mint, matcha, aquafaba, and CBD oil. A touch of agave includes sweetness to the beverage’s otherwise strong and bitter taste profile. Other cocktails on the menu featuring CBD oil include riffs on the Negroni, Old Fashioned, and a nonalcoholic hibiscus raspado, a Mexican ice dessert.

If you’re looking to try a cannabis infused beverage chances are the local vegan juice bar will have it before others. Of course that’s if they can get their hands on some veganic cannabis.