Recipe with a taste of autumn: Macaroni in cream pumpkin sauce and cheese

Americans have some special rituals to their favorite macaroni with cheese (Mac & Cheese). This unusual recipe has a slight variation that makes the original even more delicious.

This is the pumpkin season, so it’s time to use them in the recipe that will capture all your senses.

Real autumn enjoyment, so do not be surprised if there is nothing left in the pot.


For the preparation of 4 small portions it is necessary:

– 425 g fresh pumpkin chopped into small pieces (it is best to take a small pumpkin from the barrel, because they are pointing and cooking faster)
– 1 onion
– 5 cloves garlic
– 300 ml of chicken broth
– 250 g of fine pasta
– 120 g grated cheese (may chew or mixture of cows and sheep cheese)
– 60 g neutral sour cream
– Seasonings: salt, pepper, sage, turmeric, basil.


Place chopped pumpkin, onion (also cut into pieces), garlic and spices in a sour pot.

Sprinkle with chicken broth and allow to boil all together for about 1 hour, in medium to strong temperature.

* Periodically check the pot. Someone may need to cook the sauce for longer, and with someone this process will be faster. The goal is to keep the vegetables soft and hot, so that they can easily crunch with a fork.

The pumpkin should not be dried and dry, and all liquid must not completely evaporate from the pot.

Once cooked well, blend the mixture which should look like a very thick soup.

Cook the macaroni according to the instructions (the small macaroni are boiled for 7-8 minutes in a well-boiled salted oil with oil).

Drain them and place them in thick soup together with sour cream and grated cheese. Leave a few minutes to complete until all the ingredients are completely merged.

Add spices at will to get the taste you want.

Serve in small portions for a beautiful look and effect. A warm meal that will warm your soul, perfect for autumn.