Perfect figure: Here’s what you should do with your age

Do you know how much and what you need to practice in order to maintain the beautiful body shape and preserve your health?

If the answer is no, find out from the text below.


Twenty years

This is a great time in your life because then you have the most energy, and it is well known that the muscles that you build in the 20’s will remain with you throughout your life. Therefore we recommend exercises with weights, push-ups, kneeling and stepping, and exercise from a minimum of 2 to 3 hours a week.


During this period, the variety of training is important in order to make sure that the exercises cover your whole body. CrossFit, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, dance and definitely do not neglect the stretch that is important in every age of the day.

Forty years

This is a period when your strength and durability slowly starts to decline, and with it begins the fight against excess fat. Also, it’s a time when many women stop exercising with weight, and right then is the right time for exercise because the muscles in both sexes are falling by 5 to 8 percent. It’s important to just be consistent in exercise and use weights.

Fifty years

This is the time when the pain starts to start, but do not let it begin to control your life. Are your knees hurt? Swim! Can not swim? Try yoga or pilates. It is important to adjust the exercise program only where you feel pain, but do not give up physical activity.