Eight tips for easier awakening and better sleep

You have hard time waking up? The more cold it is, the harder it is to wake up and get out of the warm bed. Scientists from the University of South Australia, Doctor Sioban Banks and Dr Crystal Grant are dealing with studying the sleep and its benefits for general human health.

They discover tips on how to wake up easier and leave your bed. The main requirement of that is a good sleep.


1. Daylight

The morning light helps the man adjust his daily biological rhythm. To maintain a proper and regular rhythm with regard to awakening and sleep, as soon as you wake up, leave a daylight in the room where you are sleeping.

2. Sleep in complete darkness

Otherwise, do not leave the light on if you want to fall asleep. The strong light makes sleep difficult because it neutralizes the melatonin-hormone that is very important for a good sleep.

3. Do not eat before going to bed

A good meal at bedtime is not at all good for sleep, because when a man lies with a full stomach comes pressure on the muscles of the esophagus, which is also important for a good sleep.

4. Do not consume drinks

Because of alcohol, you can feel sleepy, but his consumption before bedtime can be the cause of a bad dream. If you have alcohol in your body, you will often wake up, sweat, you will have bad dreams and headaches.

5. Stress

If you have had a stressful day, get rid of stress before going to bed. In this, hot bath, a good book and a cup of hot tea or milk will help you most.

6. Avoid hype

Practicing, playing computer games and watching TV before you lie down, increases the level of psychological excitement and thus wake up at night.

7. Set your routine

Daily biological rhythm works best when there is an everyday routine, so try to set as accurate a rhythm, that is, the time you go to bed and when you wake up.

8. Customize your environment

For a good sleep, the best place is a quiet, dark room, which has been previously ventilated and slightly cooled.