Drinking tea reduces the risk of glaucoma!

A cup of warm tea will not only warm you up and relax in these cold days, it will also protect your eyes.

Some people believe that a cup of tea a day can cure many things, and it looks like it’s not far from the truth. A recent study in the UK has proven that tea reduces the risk of glaucoma.


Researchers do not claim that tea will completely protect you from this condition, but believe that antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory ingredients of tea play a significant role in reducing the chances of developing glaucoma in a person.

Glaucoma, affecting 57.5 million people worldwide, is caused by the pressure of fluid in the eye that damages the optic nerve, leading to gradual visual impairment, and even blindness if not treated.

Although the risk of developing has increased over the years, glaucoma may occur in babies and young people.

The research involved 1,678 participants over 40 years of age and have long measured what they consume and how it affects the health of their eyes.

The conclusion is that the tea really positively works, so tonight get treat yourself with a cup of hot tea.