Symptoms of ovarian cancer that you should know, although you are young!

Ovarian cancer is one of the most severe types of illness that can happen to female reproductive organs. This type of cancer is called “silent killer” because there were no symptoms. However, alarming signs are pain in the bones and lower abdomen, as well as problems of urinating and discharging the gut.

Common back pain

If you do not suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis, those pains are a serious problem for your body. Immediately visit a doctor as this is one of the symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Pain in the stomach and pelvis

Pain in the stomach and lower back may be a consequence of other diseases or a cancer of another organ, but if this combination of symptoms occurs regularly and thus deviates from the normal functional organism, you should contact your doctor.

Irregular menstrual cycles

Women older than 55 years old have a high risk of ovarian cancer, but this does not always have to be the case. Cancer may also occur in young girls who have not yet received the first menstrual cycle.

Tiredness and often exhaustion

When you feel as if you do not have air, you have nausea and you lose your appetite, extreme fatigue can be a serious sign that the patient is in some stage of the disease.

Pain during sexual intercourse

You are more and more full

Ladies, do not rejoice if you have lost your appetite. If after a small amount of a meal feel that you are full, it’s a symptom of the disease.