Since 2015 77 holistic practitioners are dead: It is very strange, they are dropping like flies and MSM ignores them

Since June of 2015, 77 holistic professionals, more with other deaths connected with them, have actually died, main causes varying from suicide to heart attacks, with the most recent female, physician Annie Fairbanks, find killed in her house, along with her hubby, their 3-year-old daughter and 9-month-old child, in Arizona.

Officials claim the partner killed his spouse, 2 little kids and after that turned the gun on himself, but friends and loved ones have called Erin Elizabeth over at Health Nut News, who has actually been documenting the deaths of a lot of on the planet of holistic medicine considering that 2015, to express doubts of the official claim of murder-suicide within hours of the discovery of the bodies.

We at HNN, who have actually been reporting on these deaths for 2 and a half years, find this hard to make the call of murder-suicide in a matter of hours and want to know more. For circumstances, how Hoster had the ability to do so, so rapidly, after finding their bodies and the criminal offense scene.

Our heart heads out to their family and friends. We find people (presumably buddies) on Dr. Fairbank’s Facebook page are speaking about exactly what will happen to the murderer. We are not sure if they’re not informed, or have actually drawn their own conclusions. But we’ll await forensic reports, ballistics, and the autopsy reports.


Ms. Elizabeth has done an outstanding task documenting not only the deaths of 77 individuals in the holistic field, but has stayed up to date with upgraded details, particularly on those that died under mystical circumstances, all that documentation, with connect to each pertinent portion from the death notices to the upgraded autopsies, to the subsequent examinations, found on her Holistic Physician Death Series page.

Going back from each specific death, the large amount of individuals from one specific subset of the medical market, one that believed and practiced natural medicine and approaches to deal with medical problems that did not involved big pharma, all passing away in such a brief amount of time, is absolutely remarkable.

It is provided that cardiovascular disease and suicides take place across the country daily, however the circumstances of some of these cases, as well as family testimpny, shows that there is more than fulfills the eye and the “main” accounts just defy logic.

From the start, with the discovery of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet on June 19, 2015, discovered in a river with a gunshot injury to his chest, which was identified a suicide, there have been odd circumstances surrounding these deaths, such as the rarity of somebody shooting themselves in the chest, instead of the head, as a technique of suicide.

The very same day in Mexico, 3 physicians went missing and when their bodies were found the families said the bodies were not those of their missing out on member of the family, and in spite of that truth, the federal government declared them dead.

When Rigoberto Hernandez entered the morgue, in late June, to determine his just recently abducted son – he knew right away there had actually been an error.” It wasn’t him,” Hernandez told The Daily Beast throughout a current demonstration outside the state capitol developing to oppose the federal government’s handling of the case. “I raised him from a child, so I should know. The body provided [by the federal government] didn’t look anything like my kid.” The Hernandez household joined about 50 physicians and nurses at the July 2 demonstration, braving the desert heat. The protesters shouted and waved signs outside the locked gates of town hall, requiring “Due process!” and “Security for health-care employees!”” Our family said we could not accept a body that wasn’t ours,” Hernandez discussed. “However the DA declared my child dead anyway.”

Two days later on, in Florida, two chiropractic practitioners were found dead, separately, and to this date no cause of death has been reported.

On June 29, 2015, two more holistic professionals were discovered dead in different states, one murdered, the other went missing out on when he was found, his death was ruled as a suicide by weapon, yet even regional news was calling the entire examination a “mess,” and taking authorities to task for contrasting storylines and a lack of openness in revealing results.

With those eight deaths within a 2 week amount of time, Health Nut News’ “Unintentional” series into the deaths of holistic medical professionals started, recording each case, with updates, leading up to this newest death of Annie Fairbanks and her whole family.