Powerful Foods: Foods that reduce the risk of colon cancer!

Studies have shown that a diet based on vegetarian foods reduces the risk of colon cancer.

The new study offers even more evidence in favor of the indicated trend because it proves that such a diet reduces the risk of colon cancer and the rectum that increasingly affects younger individuals.

A team of researchers who carried out the article and published it in the Journal of the American Medical Association say it’s clearer why the vegetarian diet lowers the risk of cancer. They found that subjects who had a vegetarian diet had 20 percent less chances of getting colon cancer than those who consumed meat.

Fatty fish – “Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish like tuna and salmon reduce inflammation of the gut, and these inflammations are associated with tumors,” oncologist Mitchell Gaynor says.

Oat snowflakes – “Oat flakes are rich in dietary fiber, and fibers are key to healthy digestion,” explains oncologist Jennifer Fitzgibbon.

Olive oil – “despite all the other qualities that it possesses, olive oil also contains omega-2 fatty acids that are also associated with a reduction in inflammation,” Gaynor says.

Bean – “different types of beans are rich in folate, B vitamins and fiber that contribute to the reconstruction of the abdominal DNA in the gastrointestinal tract,” said Ficgibon.

Curcuma – “the unavoidable spice of Indian cuisine contains curcumin that can protect the gastrointestinal tract from the onset of a tumor and can slow the growth of the already existing,” Jennifer claims.

Cooked tomatoes – “this may be an excuse to consume more pizza or pasta. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which acts as a prevention of colon cancer, but cooked tomatoes contain more lycopene than raw, “explains Gaynor, who emphasizes the need to avoid red, especially processed meat and refined sugar.