Opponents of health: Six groceries that worsen the cold

Everyone knows that herbal tea or hot soup are the biggest allies in the fight against colds, but there are also groceries that can only exacerbate the symptoms.


In addition, find out who are the six foods that aggravate cold.

Purchased fruit juices – these drinks contain large amounts of sugar that bind to blood cells and “steal” vitamins from the body, and thus weakens and immunity.

Fried foods – fried foods are packed with saturated fatty acids that are hardly digestible and can significantly impair the digestive system, which during the illness does not work in full steam.

Coffee – coffee, that is, caffeine as the main ingredient of your favorite black drink acts as a very strong diuretic, which can cause dehydration of the weakened organism.

Acidic foods – acid foods can cause irritation of the already damaged mucous membrane, which can further increase the symptoms of the disease. This category includes acidified vegetables, citrus fruits, and especially orange and tomatoes.

Alcohol – just like coffee, alcohol “draws” fluids from the body and it can cause dehydration, and mixing alcohol with some drugs can reduce their effect.

Dairy products – although dairy products contain proteins and vitamin D, which helps to strengthen the body, they also increase the secretion of natural mucus in the body, which can only further increase cough.