It’s official: Homeopathy is recognized by Swiss government as legitimate medicine to coexist with conventional medicine

The Swiss government has announced a positive shift in alternative healing and complementary therapies.

For a long time, health insurance has guaranteed control for a system that is widely dominated by synthetic drugs.

The Swiss government is breaking out of their shells and allowing patients’ health insurance to cover 5 new complimentary therapies. In May of 2017, health insurance plans in the country of Switzerland will be covering a variety of healing channels, including traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, holistic medicine and herbal medicine. In a way, Switzerland is bringing back the successful traditional healing’s of the past.

Swiss people speak out, pressure government to include complementary therapies on list of paid health services

After health authorities in Switzerland blocked the alternative medicine fields from legitimacy in 2005, the people have vocally spoke out. Two-thirds of the Swiss people, in 2009, voted for the inclusion of 5 important healing modalities on the country’s constitutional list of paid health services. It wasn’t until 2012 rolled around, when all 5 complimentary healing modalities were included together in basic insurance coverage, for a six-year trial. At the end of this trial, there would be determinations that would be made based on the alternative therapies “cost-effectiveness, efficacy and suitability.”

Holistic approaches are gauged through observation, in the progress of healing over time

Now the interior ministry has determined what many holistic practitioners already understand about the healing arts. It’s “impossible to provide such proof for these disciplines in their entirety.” The proof of their efficacy is in the individual’s own experience, initiative and commitment. Holistic therapies are not like synthetic drugs. The whole person is treated, not just a symptom. It’s impossible to gauge an alternative therapy on paper, in a perfectly controlled environment. The proof is typically in the observation, in the progress of healing over time.

And so, in this understanding, these five healing modalities will continue to be reimbursed by compulsory health insurance plans, as long as they are administered by certified medical professionals. This is an enormous step in the right direction for a healthcare system that is seeking to integrate more than just synthetic manipulations and suppression of the human body.

This change in medicine will allow various questionable treatments within these complimentary healing channels to face heightened scrutiny, so the best holistic approaches can come out of the dark and work for everyone.