Micellar water – which differentiates it from other means for removing makeup?

bPPNI6LPowder that remains after cleaning the pores and creates acne. Morning remnants of mascara and eyeliner from last night. Rapidly used quick building tricks must be inflicted on countless times – if you find yourself in any of these situations, mycelium water is perfect for you.

If you have not yet met this product, now is the right time. Mycelium is a unique product consisting of purified water, micelles that eliminate dirt and glycerin that hydrates the skin and gives it softness and freshness.

What exactly distinguishes it from other products for removing makeup?

First of all, the difference is in itself, already mentioned, a composition that is reduced to a minimum: water, micelles and glycerin. While various oils and cleansing facial cleansers have a much longer list of ingredients and, therefore, they can be non-responsive to the sensitive face, these three elements are both effective and gentle to each skin type.

Tiny particles of the micelles to move without friction attract dirt like magnets and thus a non-invasive removing makeup and excess sebum. In addition, glycerin hydrates the skin and makes it soft and smooth.

In addition to eliminating the make-up you will need an incomparably smaller number of leggings, one of the most important advantages of mycelium water is that it should not be washed after the application.