Foods and beverages that cause you insomnia

Pizza, pasta, cereals are just some of the products you should not eat at night.

There is nothing worse than falling asleep with an empty stomach, when you say that if you bite something, you should wash your teeth again. However, you must admit that food sometimes wins.

Sleepwalking can still cause insomnia, so be careful to satisfy your appetite.


Avoid these types of foods and drinks if you do not want to stay awake all night:


For a few things you need such power, as the power you need to cope with the desire to bite a little chocolate before going to bed.

But chocolate is not only full of sugar, but is often a hidden source of caffeine, so avoid it unless you want to delay a little sleep.


Eating pasta night before a major event is a ritual known as the supply of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates in pasta are great if you are trying to increase the strength of your muscles before a marathon or an event you need for fitness and endurance. But if you are not extremely physically active, those carbohydrates will not burn before going to bed and quickly turn into fat.


Pizza is not an ideal snack before going to bed for the same reasons as pasta. Apart from all the cheese and fats, it is even worse choice.

It’s hard to digest, so all this action in the body can keep you up all night long.

Red meat

Red meat may be delicious, but not recommended as a snack before going to bed.

You may not remember to take a piece of meat late at night, but at times you will be tempted with the remains of lunch. Keep it better in the morning because the red-cell proteins will activate your stomach and keep you awake.


A little things are more appealing than a bag of salty, crunchy chips.

But unfortunately the chips are harmful at any time of the day, but especially at night. Salt will dehydrate your body, and you will become a glass of water.

Ice cream

Ice cream before going to bed is not a smart idea.

The body can not burn as much sugar before you go to bed, so it will turn it into fat.


Cereals are considered to be morning food, and for good reason.

Breakfast is good to be rich in carbohydrates and sugar because you have it all day before you for incineration, but cereals in the evening is not a good idea.


Alcohol makes us sleepy, but it also interrupts a good night’s sleep.

Alcohol causes alpha and delta activities in our brain, and when these types of waves are against each other, they interrupt their sleep.


Already you know for sure that a cup of coffee before bed is not a good idea, but you may not know that it is good to avoid it even six hours before going to bed.

One study found that drinking coffee less than six hours before you go to sleep loses one hour of sleep. In older people, the process is worse because they process caffeine for longer.