Combine these four ingredients and the kilograms themselves will disappear!

These four ingredients are present in almost every kitchen, and when combined, you will get an ideal drink for burning fat. Green apple is of great importance because it is full of fiber that will suffice you to satiate without having to make unnecessary calories. Green apple sugar is slowly absorbed into the intestine, which prevents the sudden release of insulin, which directly affects the attenuation.



– 125 grams of oat flakes
– Half a liter of mineral water
– 1 lemon
– 2 green apples


Cut the apple into pieces, then place the apple pieces and the mineral water in the blender, add oat flakes and blend until you get a liquid mixture. Then place it in a bowl and, if desired, squeeze the lemon into it.

This drink is consumed for a week, in the morning after waking up or before you sleep, as you wish.