Abdominal muscles: Eliminate fatty deposits from the lower abdomen

Discover the supersafe program of seven exercises that will solve the problem of accumulated fatty deposits on the lower part of your stomach.

Statistics show that men in the highest percentage are not satisfied with the appearance of their stomach. According to these data, a large number of practitioners begin training with the purpose to get rid of fat deposits from their body, especially in the abdomen.

But ordinary stomach exercises are not enough to build solid abdominal muscles without fatty deposits, and all those who have this problem know how difficult it is to eliminate from the lower abdomen.

The famous fitness trainer and part of the reality television series Strong on US television NBC – Chris Ryan, devised a program of seven exercises that effectively target the lower part of the abdominal muscles.

Exercise 1: V-Sit

Exercise 2: Hollow Body Hold

Exercise 3: Physio Ball Leg Lifts

Exercise 4: Hanging Leg Raise

Exercise 5: Straight Leg Raise

Exercise 6: Reverse Crunch

Exercise 7: Sprints

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