7 groceries to help prevent migraine!

Before immediately reach for pills, see what natural remedies you have in your kitchen. Migraine is one of the most painful and the worst diseases that affects people and most commonly used strong drugs to survive the severe pain attacks.

One study has recently shown that frequent use of brufen can lead to hearing impairment, so before you reach the tablets, take a look at what you have at home from natural remedies and use them.



Ginger does wonders. You can mix ginger and lemon juice or just ginger tea to relieve your pain. There is a great chance to block neurotransmitters who play a major role in giving pain. Not only will it reduce your pain but also relieve your anxiety, which is usually accompanied by severe headaches.


A small dose of caffeine can make the pain disappear. But if you are addicted to caffeine, this will not be of much help to you.


The high level of riboflavin in yogurt reduces pain. It also activates beta blockers that prevent migraine.


They are rich in vitamin B as well as the yogurt. If you suffer from migraine, immediately turn the eggs in your diet.


Magnesium is thought to have a beneficial effect on migraine. In one cup of spinach has 24 milligrams of magnesium.

Grape juice

Fresh grape juice can relieve pain, and you should drink at least two glasses a day to be hydrated.


Also, the watermelon is good in the fight with headache. You can eat this fruit or make a watermelon juice in which you can add one cucumber.