You want lush and shiny hair? With this cheap food you will notice the results immediately after the first use …

The ancient trick used by the Japanese for rapid hair growth is absolutely simple, and as a bonus, it is cheaper than all we have ever heard – together. And of course, when it comes to Japan, you should not be surprised if we tell you that the secret lies exactly in the rice.


How to apply their beautiful hair trick? Cook the rice as you do and otherwise, and then freely eat it because everything you need for this treatment is the water in which rice is cooked.

And how to apply this trick? After washing your hair with your shampoo, massage the scalp with rice water, then apply the rest of the water and along the length of the hair.

Let the rice water stand for ten minutes, then rinse your hair as you do normal.

The result of this treatment will surely delight you because your hair will be shiny and soft after the first application, and after a certain period of regular use, you will notice that your hair grows significantly faster!