The three breakfasts that helped Kloe Kardashian weaken

Sometimes it’s hard to start your day with breakfast, and it’s harder for him to be healthy and well thought out.

But if you want to experience a transformation of the body that Kloe Kardashian made, you will have to introduce strict rules.

One of those rules is the mandatory breakfast.

Specifically, any of these 3 breakfasts:

Omelet with spinach and peppers

First, you cook vegetables for 3 to 5 minutes, then add eggs or egg whites.

Sweet breakfast in the cup

For this breakfast you need to mix sour cream with low fat, rich fruit with antioxidants and add a little oat flakes or seeds as desired.

Toast with peanut butter and banana

Another healthy breakfast with minimal preparation time. Cut a banana of circles, and place it on an integral bread with cream peanut butter.