Nordic walking: 3 reasons why a walk is great for health

The often neglected daily walk in the modern world of recreation and sports has got its upgraded version – Nordic Walking.

Easily accessible, relatively affordable, simple and very effective, Nordic walking today is becoming more and more popular in the world, and can be practiced by almost everyone: from children, athletes who use it to maintain the condition to the elderly and those who have problems with circulation and joint pain.

With walking to numerous health benefits

“In contrast to the usual walk that only activates the lower body part, Noric walking involves the entire body and greatly affects the overall endurance, stress, migraine, heart, osteoporosis, the onset of diabetes, arthritis and hips pain,” says Hani Hadad , professor of kinesiology.

In recent years, more and more people recognize the importance of recreation and walking daily basis, thereby increasing the number of pilgrims to this type of walk.


Hiking is the cheapest recreation

Experts claim only after 30 minutes of moderate walking comes to a significant improvement in the overall health of the body.

Therefore, they recommend using the stairs instead of the elevator, walking instead of driving on public transport or parking the car further away from your workplace in order thus to take advantage of your chance to walk.

With the use of walking sticks, almost 90 percent of muscles are activated, and calorie consumption is 40 percent higher. With this, you will spend about 400 to 500 calories per hour through Nordic walking, while with normal walking – only 280.


Walking melts calories and slows down aging

According to the American Institute CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), fast walking is one of the most popular methods of regulating obesity.

Recently, the University of Massachusetts published a study that talks about the effects of walking for people in the third age life.

According to their results, only 6 minutes of fast walking a day are enough, in order to slow down the aging of the muscles.

Unlike some other intense physical activity walking has many advantages – not kidney ankles, knees, hips and the risk of sore muscles, sprains and other injuries is very small.

“This is an ideal method for maintaining the optimum body weight for older people, overweight people, those with poor fitness, and for all the others who for some reason can not deal with intense activities, but want to lose weight, “says Hadad.

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