Massage to health!

Massage is a holistic therapy that has a profound effect on the body and the mind. India is being led as a country where the first massage exercises were recorded for 3000 years BC. However, the most influential written data on the beneficial impact of massage originated in China and Egypt.

By pressing a number of propioreceptors in musculoskeletal arteries to beneficial effects on processes that occur in muscles. Under the influence of massage increases the grip of energy substances and accelerates the elimination of combustion products. Muscle fatigue, which occurs as a result of physical exertion, after a short massages disappears as if by magic and re-establishing the ability of muscles.

In addition, with the massage of the cuticle, it reduces muscle tension, improves blood circulation, increases mobility, and the extent of joint movements, beneficial effects on the nervous system, improves the condition, nutrition and elasticity of the skin, improves ablation, removal or alleviates acute and chronic pain, affects the proper functioning of internal organs, etc.

Antistress massage

Although the pain is not even a pleasant thing, they say that he is our friend because he signals something is wrong. Stress at work, sitting on a computer in an incorrect position, then noise, etc. are just some of the everyday occurrences that can be a trigger for various diseases of the modern man.

Anti-stress massage is one of the most popular massage at the spa. This massage is a combination of several techniques, which in combination with antistress massage oils act preventively to eliminate tension, stress and improve blood flow.

A therapist with weaker or stronger pressures on a painful place establishes a balance in the body. This massage is performed as a whole body massage or partial massage.

Ayurveda massage

Body and mind fatigue is due to the hustle and bustle of completing everyday tasks on time. In this way, the energy balance in the whole organism is disturbed. Since the body can function only if all its components are in harmony, it is clear that you must keep in mind that your body and mind work in synergy. Ayurveda massage stimulates renewal of energy throughout the body.

This massage is part of Indian traditional medicine and is thought to be over 4000 years old. Ayurvedic massages target the specific mobility points of the moving energy. To achieve this balance places the specific massage movements with the use of Ayurvedic medicinal oils. For each person, special oils are used according to the type to which they belong.

Massage with volcanic rocks

The accumulated daily stress can simply disappear under the beneficial influence of volcanic rocks. The strength of volcanic rocks has been known to people since ancient times.

Volcanic stones contain electromagnetic properties that, in contact with the body, give a very healing effect, and very well rehabilitate painful and stiff places.

Massage with volcanic rocks is great for those eager for relaxation. Nowadays, when stress is becoming more and more present in our lives, this massage is especially attractive, especially for the working population.

The treatment is done by the way the therapist permits the volcanic stones to be pre-heated in hot water at certain points. In this way, deep muscle relaxation is achieved, and the body relaxes and regenerates.