Homemade pasta that does not have flour, you only need two ingredients and the taste is great!

For some people, the procedure for preparing home-made pasta is too complicated and because of this, they usually buy ready-made from the market. After this recipe, we will surely change your mind and begin to make homemade pasta, which requires only 2 ingredients.

We know that “your hair rises” from the thought that the kitchen will be crushed and dirty while you are making pasta, but what if we tell you that for this recipe you need only one deep bowl. The secret is that the dough is prepared without a machine and with only two ingredients, and none of them is flour. This recipe is great for people who use gluten-free foods and watch out for calories.

All you need is mozzarella and eggs.


Spread the mozzarella and eggs in size 1: 1 in a homogeneous mixture, remove it and cut it into strips. Preparation takes several minutes, and after four hours cooling in the refrigerator, the paste is ready for cooking. After cooking, you can serve it with a tasty tomato sauce and accessories such as parmesan and basil. You can also serve it with a little butter and ground black pepper.

Good appetite!