Here’s how you can use juice from pickled cucumbers!

Jar with pickled cucumbers is certainly one of the things you have in your fridge. Also certainly very often you are going to pour the juice from the jar after you eat pickles. Or not?

We present you a few tricks on how to use the juice of pickles.

Against burns from the sun

Take a cotton ball and soak it in the juice of cucumber and gently moisten the skin where you were burned from the sun. In fact, the sense will help to soften the pang of the burn.

Prepare a cocktail

Surprise your friends with a refreshing cocktail. In the shaker, place a few ice cubes, a little vodka and a sour cucumber juice. Shake well and then fill a glass of martini. Garnish with a slice of fresh cucumber and the drink is ready for tasting!

Against cramps and muscle pain

Many coaches recommend that after training you drink juice from pickled cucumbers to help your body recover. It is sufficient to drink 200 milliliters of the juice, but you must not forget the input a large amount of water.

For cooking

You can also use juice from cucumbers to make salad as a substitute for vinegar. Juice can also be mixed with yoghurt to get a creamy salad for lettuce, egg salad, fish and potato salad. Some use the juice for marinating meat to be more juicy.