Coatings of honey which has been shown to treat cough in just one day!

This coating in just one day can successfully cure the most severe cough in children and adults, and coatings can be placed on babies older than one year.

The essence of this medicine lies in honey, which is a great natural ally against cough, and its action is powerful even when it is not taken along the oral route.


Ingredients and method of preparation

For these medicinal compresses you need honey, flour and vegetable oil – in small quantities, because they are made only for single use. In addition to the mixture, you will also need one napkin, then a little gauze and a medical sticky tape.

Preparation is simple – in a bowl, put a little flour and honey, and then mix the mixture well to get a mass that you can hold in your hand without sticking to your fingers. Then add a drop of any vegetable oil and mix again.

First, the mixture put it in the napkin and then in the gauze, and then stick it on the chest or back.

Hold the covering throughout the night, and for younger children hold the coating only for a few hours.


Because the medicine easily warms the body, it should not be used if the child has a high fever. Also, because of its strength, do not place the medicine directly on the heart area.