Cheap and easy: Make a home water filter in three steps

Water filtering devices are a great addition to the home, but often their price can deter you from buying them.

The solution still exists because you can clean the drinking water and use a filtering appliance that you can easily do it yourself.

For this home filtering device you need:

– plastic bottle with narrower throat
– a knife
– stitch
– watt
– 20 tablets of activated charcoal


1. Using the blade, cut the bottom of the plastic bottle along the width.
2. On the bottle cap, make as small holes as possible with a spike, then close the bottle.
3. Place the pieces of cotton in the upper part of the bottle. Take 20 capsules charcoal, crushed them and put them on watt. Place a few pieces of wadding on the carbon and press it well.

Active coal is often used in medicine because of its properties to absorb organic and anorganic toxins, dyes, microorganisms and toxins, thereby retaining harmful substances from drinking water, which is thus much healthier to consume.

In the video, see the detailed procedure for making the water filter from a plastic bottle.