American Heart Association president suffers a heart attack, after attacking coconut oil as “dangerous” and pushing blood pressure drugs as the solution

In what seems a clear case of irony, the president of the American Heart Association, John Warner, suffered what medical professionals say was a minor cardiovascular disease previously today after his organization recommended Americans earlier this year to stop using butter in their foods and change it with hazardous, artery-clogging vegetable oils rather.

Inning accordance with a released report on the AHA website, Warner – himself a cardiologist (another irony) and CEO of UT Southwestern University Hospitals in Dallas – remains in steady condition after physicians inserted a stent into an obstructed artery.

” John wanted to reinforce that this incident highlights the crucial message that he left us with in his governmental address yesterday – that much development has been made, however much remains to be done. Heart attacks can still take place anytime and anywhere,” said Nancy Brown, president of the AHA.

Because talk, Warner informed a Scientific Sessions meeting – where he offered his governmental address – that there were “no old men” in his family, and that is due mainly to cardiovascular disease.

” I know this is also true in far a lot of other families, not just in the U.S., however around the world. I think individuals in this room have the power – as well as the task – to change that. Together, we can ensure old men and old women are regulars at family reunions,” he said.

” In other words, I eagerly anticipate a future where people have the precise opposite experience of my household, that children mature surrounded by numerous healthy, precious, senior relatives that they could not envision life any other way.”

Fair enough, and an exceptional objective to be sure – but then why would his organization make the suggestion to alter from butter, which is natural, a healthy fat, and can even be natural, to a substance far less healthy with known ties to cardiac disease?

Could it be because of a major dispute of interest?

As we reported in June:

The AHA has long gone after healthy fats, and this time it even presumed as to say that coconut oil is bad for your heart. They would say that, of course, since consuming these healthy foods keeps people from needing the prescription drugs made by the companies that support the group.

Vegetable oils may appear much better, however in actuality, they’re not. Polyunsaturated fats like corn and canola oil can promote swelling, which is responsible for a boost in cancer while slowing the body’s metabolic process rate.

What’s more, nearly all canola oil is made from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Plus, it is known to reduce thyroid function and your properties, and it requires extra processing by the body due to the fact that of the contaminants such oils contain.

“Yet they want us to think that a chemical that was not put on this Earth for human usage is truly so much better for us than natural butter that came from a cow?” writes Isabelle Z. for Natural News.

Corn oil is so bad for the body that even some food makers who are not known to put a premium on healthy active ingredients are starting to decline it along with other GMO-based oils such as soy as well as canola.

On the other hand, olive oils – and in particular extra-virgin olive oil – is believed to be among the healthiest of all oils, making the AHA’s advice on butter and veggie oils puzzling and contradictory.

However always keep in mind that the AHA is greatly moneyed by the pharmaceutical industry, which survives on keeping people as sick and unhealthy as possible – another irony.