5 reasons why you should consume pistachios as often as possible

Apart from being delicious, they are full of nutrients that are necessary to maintain optimum health.
You probably already know that nuts are on the list of the healthiest foods, but when we talk about them, we usually think of nuts and almonds. Of course, these are super healthy snacks, but their “relatives” – the pistachios – are unjustifiably neglected.
Small green fruit is a powerful food that speeds up metabolism and slows down aging.
Here are five fantastic advantages of this food that will make you go straight to the nearest health food store and get your daily supplies.
Excellent antioxidant
Pistachios are recorders among nuts based on the content of antioxidants that are crucial for the recovery of cells in the body, and many even call them natural botox. It is recommended to consume 5 to 10 pistas daily in the fight against wrinkles.
Source of fiber
In only 100 grams pistachios, there are 10.3 grams of dietary fiber that are crucial for good metabolism and digestion.
It regulates blood sugar
One cup of pistachios contains as much as 60 percent of the daily dose of phosphorus. This mineral, apart from dissolving proteins in amino acids, improves the tolerance in the body of glucose.
Increases libido
This is especially true for men! A study found that daily pandemic consumption increases sexual power in men by as much as 51 percent, and the essential fatty acids is responsable for that. Namely, they help produce sex hormones and increase blood flow to the genitals.
Cleans the blood vessels
Consumption of pistachios reduces cholesterol by 20 percent after only a few weeks, for which the antioxidant called lutein is deserved. Lutein accelerates metabolism and slows down aging.
Tip: Because 100 grams of pistachios contain as many as 542 calories, this food should be consumed moderately.