4 sure signs that you are using wrong SVC products.

The main purpose of the SVC products is to cover up all skin defects and improve the overall appearance. If it does not fulfill that task then it’s time to change it and buy new products that will suit you more.

The following characters indicate that you are using the wrong SVC products:

A powder that looks artificial

There is nothing worse than visible lines of powder on the edges of the face that is completely different shade of your neck. This is one of the most common shady problems that women often give up on powder. You need to take the time to find the perfect shade, and for that you can always seek advice from professionals working in the drugstores.

Mascara that crumbles

The good mascara should remain on your lashes all day without leaving black traces around your eyes. If the mascara is rotten and smudged, it’s time to invest in a better quality mascara.

Corrector that does not cover

The main point of the corrector is to cover the dark circles around the eyes and other skin defects. If your corrector quickly fades away from the skin and just clings into the lines around your eyes, it’s a sign that you need a new product.

A powder that does not cover imperfections

While you are young, you need the powder to equalize the tone and cover up the acne. But as you get older, parts of your skin get a reddish nuance and come to discoloration, which requires you to powder that covers all the faults. Use a thicker formula that will stay on your face all day long.