This vegetable is more effective than any medicine, the cold will last for just 24 hours

A season with frequent colds arrives, so it is time to get the necessary preparations that will strengthen our immunity to be able to successfully defend against the virus.

However, there is one way that you can prevent the cold in just 24 hours. The secret is in the broccoli.


Nutritionist Sarah Flyer explains how this vegetable affects the symptoms of the flu. She notes that the broccoli is full of vitamin K, vitamin C, chromium and folic acid, which will successfully remove the symptoms.

“These famous vitamins are of extreme help when it comes to fighting infection, so when you feel the first symptom of a cold, it is recommended to eat them as well as the use of citron, red peppers. All these products will successfully help you to prevent inflammation on the throat, “says Sarah.

Of great importance is the intake of a large amount of fluids in order to “pierce the lump” of the throat. Sweet and milky drinks should be avoided as they contain materials that can aggravate your condition. For these reasons it is desirable to consume water or warm tea.

It is also recommended that you spend time outside your home, that is, you are active with short walks. During the winter period, vitamin D, which is indispensable for immunity, becomes deficient in the body, so fifteen minutes in the sun during the autumn and winter period would be enough to refresh.