Unbelievable!!! Mother beats cancer just with JUICING after told she only had two weeks to live

Life goes through a drastic change when you are a parent, especially to a five year old boy, and six year old girl. You are responsible for their lives, and you cannot afford the things you used to do. There are advantages and disadvantages to this, but it does not remove the feeling that you need to constantly be there for your children. You want to make sure you are there to guide them in this unpredictable world.

Imagine then, if you were suddenly told that you have stomach cancer, and that it is quite serious. It has already spread to your neck, lymph nodes, and almost all your abdomen. The doctors have given you less than a month to survive. How then, are you going to say goodbye to your husband and children?

This lady never gave up

Natasha Grindley, 37, from Liverpool was diagnosed with the same kind of terminal cancer mentioned above. Healthcare providers have told Natasha that it seemed most likely that she would not make it to the end of the month. However, the mother of two refused to give up, and she accepted her diagnosis for what it was. She and her husband then started reading on cancer research thoroughly, to find a way out.

It was not just an alternative

Natasha’s major dietary change helped her instantly. Even when she was on chemo, she started to physically look better, and all of her friends were amazed by the glow in her skin. This new diet helped her to change the perspective on the illness she had previously, and also improved her mental health.

The foods Natasha consumed help boost her immune system, and it made her body prepared for the impending chemo. There was a positive difference to her mental and physical state because she changed her diet for the better.

Natasha’s success is not some big secret that had just been discovered. Many patients before her, have also stopped and cured their cancer with only juicing and major dietary changes. It’s not a big secret. The regulating of diets, and reducing potentially harmful meats, artificial sugars, and increasing the ingestion of carrots and other vegetables,can help deal with the cancer diagnosis!

2 weeks was converted to 2 years and beyond

Natasha managed to beat her diagnosis and her disease, so she decided to take advantage of the fact that she survived and use the time she got to help other people in need. She hopes that she will help someone else beat their disease using the power of nutrition as she did. Two years have passed after she got her clinical diagnosis. Doctors had calculated that she would only manage to leave a month or two maybe, and here she is, two years later, still alive, and happy with her family. Natasha used to be a nursery teacher, but now she has completed a higher degree in her education, and specialized in nutrition. At the moment, she has her own Facebook page where she retells her own personal story and gives advises to other people with similar stories to hers. She was inspired by the efficiency of the alternative therapies and decided to utilize her experience and scientific knowledge to help people and teach them about the beneficial powers of dietary changes to treat different diseases.

Both Natasha and doctors claim that cancer cannot be cured only through diet. Still, they agree that implementing major changes in your diet can bring forth numerous positive benefits, especially for patients who deal with terminal illnesses. Everyone should consume a lot of healthy food that includes fresh and organic products that boost the immune system so that the body itself is able to fight the illnesses, especially after the immune system has been suppressed by them. This is why it is very important that we know how much fruits and vegetables we should consume, and it will help us see how well our immune system functions.