Tricks for IMMEDIATELY stopping the bleeding from the nose!

Bleeding from the nose can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you are in the workplace, in a car, or at a meeting.

If you want to quickly stop the bleeding, try these tricks that really work:

1. Press the right point

– Sit flat and lower your head slightly (to prevent the flow of blood into the throat)
– Blow your nose slightly to remove any blood clots
– Press the index finger and thumb on the soft part of the nose, just below the cartilage, and hold for about 10 minutes.

2. Make compression

– Make a solid rubber roller or cotton handkerchief
– Place the compression in the mouth, ie between the gums and upper lip, just below the root of the nose, so hold for about 10 minutes.
– If you are disturb by the external body in the mouth, take a button or a metal coin, then press your finger over the upper lip (between the lips and nose) and hold for about 10 minutes.

The next one is one of the easiest and fastest-acting tricks to stop the bleeding from the nose:

3. Cold coating

– Place the ice cube or cooled coating on the side of the bloody nose.
– Hold the coating for a while, or as long as you can withstand, pause and repeat the procedure.
– Cold coat tightens blood vessels and thus stops bleeding.
– A similar effect on the blood vessels has a nasal spray.


– Drink plenty of fluids. The water hydrates the body, and therefore the mucous membrane.
– Do not overdo it with air conditioners, as this makes your mucous membrane dry.
– Avoid paracetamol because it dilutes the blood and thus intensifies the bleeding from the nose.
-Increase the intake of vitamin C that strengthens the blood vessels and protects the mucous membrane.
– Moisten the mucous membrane by regular inhalation in the morning and before going to bed; Squeeze a saline solution and wash your nose. The mucous membrane must be salty and moist.