Sunscreen chemicals are highly toxic, they are KILLING you (and poisoning the environment)

Sunscreen chemicals are extremely hazardous and extremely damaging to human health and the environment.

In this video, it is covered a few of the most harmful sunscreen active ingredients that you’ll find in nearly all the popular sun block items offered everywhere.

Much of these chemicals cause cancer or hormonal agent disruption. In addition to harming your health, these harmful chemicals are likewise ruining reef and poisoning ocean environments. In fact, a few of the damage to marine life currently being blamed on worldwide warming is really brought on by poisonous sunscreen chemicals.

This does not even count the synthetic fragrance chemicals contributed to sun block products, which are harmful far and beyond the toxicity of the other chemicals utilized in sunscreen items.

What’s genuinely amazing is how people believe using these toxic chemicals on their skin is in some way avoiding cancer. In reality, it’s providing them cancer from chemical exposure. Instead of simply skin cancer from UV direct exposure, it can provide brain cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer or even myeloma.

View the video below to learn which six ingredients you need to prevent in suncreen products: